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Research and Development

AMVIG values research and development (R&D) as one of the crucial factors in building the business. In this fast-changing market, the Company continually revises the design and range of products, so as to cater to the needs of our customers with value-added services and stay competitive.

Being the leading cigarette packaging printing specialist in the PRC, we strive to be creative in our designs and environmental friendly in the manufacturing process. AMVIG is among the first batch of companies which have passed the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emission standard set by the PRC government. This is one of the results brought forth by our R&D center, which has 15 staffs with senior designers and technicians, and will continue to recruit talent in this area when the market is expanding. The centre is fully equipped with the most leading and up-to-date graphic design software, 3-D display software, color separation and finishing machineries. The center also actively participates in the activities of product R&D and product data bank establishment which are organized by the China Tobacco Groups. The advanced technology we own opens up many value-added possibilities. In recent years, we develop outstanding and innovative anti-counterfeiting features on different packages which effectively help our customers to strike fake cigarettes in the market. Our creative designs also support our customers to charge a more premium price and successfully obtain more market share in the mid-to-high end segment.

AMVIG understands that R&D is one of the key elements for developing up-to-date and practical technology. The Company will continue to conduct beneficial R&D actively and maintain AMVIG at the forefront of the cigarette packaging printing industry.

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