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Environmental Policy

AMVIG recognizes that our activities inevitably have an impact on the environment. Consequently we embrace the principles of sustainable development and are committed to a process of continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention. We treat all relevant environmental legislations and regulations as the minimum standard and seek to go above and beyond this standard wherever possible, when it comes to environmental protection.

Our Environmental Policy is summarized as below:

  • To ensure that employees are informed and properly trained to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To develop and improve operations and technologies, taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and raw materials, giving preference to renewable resources, minimizing waste and adverse environmental impact, disposing of residual waste safely and responsibly.
  • To develop services and manufacture products that are safe for their intended use, energy-efficient and can be recycled or disposed of safely.
  • To participate in efforts to improve environmental protection.
  • To set stringent guidelines, using government requirements as a basis, and continuously improve these guidelines in light of technological advances and new environmental data.
  • To take proactive measures to eliminate environmental, occupational and health risks and be prepared to respond to emergencies at all times.
  • To promote the adoption of the same principles by our contractors and suppliers.
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