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The leading cigarette packaging printing specialist in PRC
Chairman Statement

"As the largest cigarette packaging printing company in the PRC, AMVIG is committed to leveraging its strengthened diversified manufacturing footprint to ensure sustainable growth and maximize shareholders' value".

The continuous consolidation of the tobacco industry in the PRC created a competitive landscape and business prospect for the cigarette packaging printing companies. In view of the rapidly changing business environment, the Group believes that opportunities for profitable expansion will continue to emerge reinforcing the Group's objective of being a market leader in the PRC.

AMVIG is well positioned to take advantage of expected continued future growth in the PRC economy and our industry to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment. We will build on the platform established in the previous year to continue our leadership position. The dual growth strategy has allowed the Group to derive benefit from the continuing integration of existing operations and targeted expansion through acquisitions.

AMVIG has a clear strategy for the future and focus on delivering consistent earnings growth while also observing closely its Corporate Governance responsibilities, safety and environmental commitments.

We believe that the company is well positioned to benefit from continued industry rationalization and are confident that we will continue to achieve new success in the future through consistent efforts and broad international cooperation.

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